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Meridian Glen N.C.     N O T I C E. . .     MGNC is currently working on revamping its website.     Donations are needed to fund the hosting & domain cost.     Please consider making a donation today.   Click here for further details . . . .         M G N C     A L E R T ! . . .     Vehicle prowls and break-ins continue to be the number one crime in our neighborhood.   Residents are advised to keep their vehicles locked and valuables out of visual sight.   Residents also need to be vigilent and report any suspicious behavior by calling 9-1-1.   Click here for further details . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CITY OF KENT     e A L E R T ! . . .     City of Kent has issued a reminder regarding solicitations within the neighborhood.   Click here for further details . . . .        

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  • New Website
    MGNC is currently developing a new website that is more suited to it's current use. Donations are greatly needed to fund the domain and hosting. Please consider making a donation today to help keep the lines of communication open. Every little bit helps.

  • New Fundraising Campaign
    A new fundraising campaign is being developed to encourage everyone to donate what they can for the betterment of the neighborhood community.

  • As of 2 August 2013
    There are no neighborhood events scheduled at this time.
    If you would like to host a neighborhood event please contact Mark Gagnon. Please include "MGNC" in the Subject.

    Events could include Special meetings - To discuss topics of concern; How To presentations - Share a special talent with others; or a simple tea & cookie gathering - To meet and chat with fellow neighbors. This is also a great way to sit and discuss about trips taken, books read or even candidates & measures up for election.

Donations Needed

You can help make a difference in the neighborhood you live in. By making a small contribution each month to the Meridian Glen Neighborhood Council fund we can use it to maintain projects and/or combine it with matching city grants to pay for improvement projects within our neighborhood that will make our neighborhood a more enjoyable and safer place to live and play. And it will help improve the value of your home investment. A small amount can go a long way. So won't you consider?

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